Elifoot 11.1

It simulates football competitions and you have to make your team win
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Elifoot is an interesting game for soccer lovers. The objective of the game is to simulate the score and role of competitions. You are in charge of your team that will compete with others teams, so you have to make your club grow. If you achieve good results, you can receive invitations from other clubs.
There are 17 countries, each one with different teams, and you can play in the divisions 1, 2, 3 or 4. Elifoot has two game modes: free and career mode.
Players are shown with their names, performance, skills, age, morale, shoot, status, price, market, and salary. You can place your players in the play field by selecting different formations. You can match the clock speed, make substitutions at half time, show players’ auction, show fired and hired coaches, start of season, and view all matches. Each team has a team's morale, performance and finance. You can manage your bank account, loan, finances, and change salaries. Also you can buy or sell players.
Finally, Elifoot gives you the option of playing with other players in the Elifoot world manager league, obtaining rating and records worldwide.
i\Internet connection and registration are required.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • When playing home your supporters helps you winning the matches against your opponents


  • Playing without registration has many limitations
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